India is a country full of wonders and mysteries, where there are many mysterious places that are still unknown to the public. One such breathtaking place is Naneghat, a reverse waterfall in india. Naneghat is a beautiful mountain range where you can witness a natural miracle. Situated in the Western Ghats of Maharastra near Junagadh, it is a miraculous mountain with a waterfall flowing in the reverse direction. You might be thinking if this really exists or I am just playing with words!!!

Are you wondering how this beautiful wonder challenges gravity? Well, it does not oppose gravity!!! The reason behind this reverse waterfall is the tremendous force of the high-speed winds that push the stream of water upwards.

Naneghat is also popular for trekking, especially during the monsoon. According to some historians, centuries ago (during the period of Chhatrapati Shivaji) this trekking route was a trading route. It connects the Junnar town and Konkan Coast. Coins were collected from merchants as tolls to use this route. Nana means coins in the regional language, and hence this place got its name as Naneghat. There are also some rock-cut pots and caves present here, from an ancient era.

You can trek to the top of the mountain and can admire the beauty of this divine-seeming place more thoroughly. There is a fence on the edge of the mountain for safety, you can stand a little far from that and can feel the water drops coming with the force of the wind. It will feel like rain there. Nearly every visitor who has seen Neneghat and this reverse waterfall from above believes that it is heaven on earth.

You must be wondering why you didn’t know about such a wonderful place yet!!!
Because nobody told you about this natural wonder. But don’t you be the same. Share it 😉, and let everyone know how beautiful the world is 😍.

FAQs About Naneghat: The Reverse Waterfall in India

To reach Naneghat, you can take a bus from the nearest Kalyan railway station to Junnar. From Junnar, you can easily hire a taxi to reach naneghat by road.

  • Warm clothes: As the temperature here could be a little cold here.
  • An umbrella: If it rains, which usually happens here.
  • Snacks: You may feel hungry as here you may need to trek here to reach the top.

The mobile network is fine!! There are no connectivity issues at Naneghat.

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