I’m Nakul Singh and welcome to my blog, WeGuideTrip. The purpose of my blog is to provide completely unbiased opinions and information about different places to visit in India.

I loved traveling long ago but I started travel blogging after stepping into my digital marketing career. Before that, I used to believe everything that was on the Internet. In 2018, when I was planning my trip to Uttrakhand and collecting information about the places to visit and stay. Then I realized that most of the information on the Internet is actually were indirect promotions of those places. That incident made me realized that because of those indirect promotions, in my earlier visits, I had chosen places that were not really worth that much of time and money.

This experience opened my eyes, and I found that there should be a place where people can get unbiased information to plan their trip. A blog where people can share and read information to make decisions about their trips, like places to visit, transport, and accommodation. This will make their travel experience fantastic as well as save their time and money.

So, here I started this blog to share stories and misadventures about my travel, personal recommendations, and things I learned because of the mistakes I made in my earlier trips.

Traveling has changed my vision for life and I would be please if I can do the same for you.

“You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible”
– Jojo Moyes